Montpelier Terrace

In an exclusive area of London, from the outside this terraced property looks like any other – but behind the facade we built an award-winning interior.

The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIATis the lead qualifying body for Architectural Technology. On this page are the highlights from the 'Alan King Award' for building and architectural excellence, awarded in 2013 to us for the rebuilding and refurbishment of a property in Montpelier Terrace.

Montpelier Terrace – mazziniane glass floor

Transformation using light and skill

Located within a Knightsbridge Conservation Area, this property in its original configuration did not fulfil the client’s needs or expectations in terms of size, layout or decoration. Therefore a simple refurbishment would not have sufficed.


Montpelier Terrace – exterior (front)


With the façade utilising a special render system negating the need for regular re-painting, the heating, plumbing and lighting services have been replaced with the latest energy efficient systems.

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What they said

In the critique of the redevelopment it was said that a high level of workmanship had been achieved "on the project throughout with bespoke joinery, glazing and plastering details filtering through the entire build."


Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists

Representing those practising and studying within the discipline, the Montpelier Terrace project was awarded the industry's highest honour.


Glass deck_image

Receiving this accolade is recognition of the work we do and the manner in which we approach the work, from the planning stage to the finishing touches.


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